Details about the VPN

Sometimes we think about our personal information or about the data may be this data can get any unwanted person like a hacker or other organization, internet provider because we all use very important data in our daily life like online transaction important and personal mails and other related to documents so in case, we also think about our privacy and also security so we can secure our privacy and other transaction-related data in our smartphone or laptop even your computer.

What is VPN?

If you browse on unsecured wi-fi that, means you exposed your personal data and growing habit but if you use a VPN (virtual private data ) on public wi-fi that provides a secure network it hides all your personal identity, it also encrypts your internet traffics in case the third party and hacker even your internet provider can not see your internet activity or personal information that’s mean by the organization or hacker can not track your online activity. VPN , connect your pc, laptop, or phone to the server, and provide a secure internet also legal that’s why many organizations and also individual peoples, hacker use the VPN 

How does it work?
when you connect through on the secure internet connection then your internet traffic passes through encrypts tunnel which anyone can not see even any organization, company, the hacker even internet providers or government To best understanding the VPN we would have to understand the first two situations. 1.Without VPN  when we excesses on the internet then internet provider connect you through ISP  internet user get the IP address with help internet use of the internet, through IP address of the internet user, anyone can see where you were visited and also they can track your internet activity, this way you can lose you personal data. so we can not secure privacy without a VPN so lest see with VPN 2.With VPN  VPN application is also called a VPN client, it establishes a secure connection if you use VPN still you internet pass through the ISP but does not watch the final destination, and on which website we visit, those websites can not get our original IP address.

Why did we need VPN?

VPN first time,  it is developed by Microsoft company in 1996, for his remote employees, that’s mean who employees work remotely in Microsoft so that remote employees can excess a secure network in the company. but when they do this, the productivity of the company also doubled, then, nearly every company follow the VPN 

Kinds of the VPN?

There are two kinds of VPN?

Remote-Acess VPN: in this VPN an internet user connect the internet through privacy encrypts tunnel, the internet user can connect to the public internet or company internet through this remote-access VPN

Site-to-Site VPN: It also called router-to-router VPN such type of VPN used in the corporate sector when a corporate has some different type the headquarters, site-to-site make close networks where each location can connect with each other. it called a intranetwork.

Let’s see all benefits of the VPN in one site.

Browsing history, IP address, Locations, Streaming location, devices, and web activity, it all hides, when internet user use the VPN. it also the common characteristics of the VPN.

There’re also some disadvantages like slow speed, no cookies protections, and not totally privacy because it can hide all such type the data fro the hacker and government, etc but if VPN provider wants to watch your privacy they can watch about your internet activity so you should take this service from the trusted VPN provider.

How to determine a sufficient VPN provider, some characteristics of such type VPN provider given below.

  • Offer VPN efficient speed
  • Keep your privacy secure
  • The provider should use the latest Protocol
  • Should have Good Reputation
  • Data limits match your requirements 
  • You know the location of the server 
  • you can have VPN access on multiple devices 
  • Cost suitable VPN
  • Highest Encryption 
  • Free trial available 
  • Best customer supports
  • You have the facility to block more ads

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