Don’t install these dangerous android application

Many security experts warn that people should avoid using third-party app stores due to malware and security issues. Unfortunately, official app stores like Google Play Store and Apple App Store are equally dangerous. These major app stores still fall prey to malicious hackers, who are looking for ways to circumvent their security measures. The Play Store is particularly vulnerable to attacks, not only because of the popularity of Android, but also because it does not have a closed system like Apple. The Play Store has once again worked hard to prevent the scourge of fake malware applications. People still trust too much, because the store is the official market for mobile apps. They believe that the applications on the platform are legal and there is no reason to be cautious.

1.Obscure the browser
People share a lot of private information with browsers, from login details to valuable browsing habits. Insist on using well-known browsers supported by publicly responsible companies. Little-known browsers such as UC Browser and Dolphin Browser employ terrible tracking and privacy violations.
2. Free VPN
VPN software has become an essential security tool (and a useful way to access blocked content). But not all of these help. Free VPNs claim to put users first, but they usually have shady ways to make money, such as selling people’s data. Avoid using free VPNs such as SuperVPN and Pacific VPN.
3. Recorder
Like music players, most smartphones already have high-quality audio recorders installed. No need to get involved in firepower by installing unknown applications from third parties. the recorder is another application that was found to use the AlienBot Trojan.
4. Cleaner apps

Although there are legitimate mobile phone “cleanup” applications, most of them are scams that do more harm than good. Magical Dev, Clean it and Virus Cleaner (Antivirus Free & Phone Cleaner) Super Clean have all been found to be harmful.

5. Ram Increasing Apps

that claim to increase RAM Now let’s solve this problem: there is no way to increase the RAM of the phone. Any application that claims to be different is definitely malware. This includes applications such as memory security and warehouse storage.

6. Disk Cleanup Application
People will recognize the disk defragmentation application because of the same software on the PC. However, this is how it is-the phone does not have a hard drive for defragmentation. The best thing these apps can do is delete other apps to free up more phone storage space. This is something that people can do by themselves.
7. Polygraph application
The mobile phone cannot double as a polygraph. It does not have these features, and no application will suddenly gain the ability to detect lies. As with additional RAM applications, try to ignore these.
How to Avoid Downloading  Dangerous Apps

There’s no inerrant way to avoid malware or unsafe apps. Yea the Play Store, with all its finances and formulators, can’t manage to do that. But there are a couple of holdings anyone can do to downsize their ranking of menace. Let’s take a look at some prudent ways to avoid dangerous app

To start with, do n’t install uncalled-for apps.People tend to have a lot of unused apps sitting on their phones.

Not only do these apps pose a possible way for outside hackers to get into the phone, but they could be malware- ridden as well. Always check an app ’s download reckoning, reviews, and app warrants before downloading. Try to incorporate other security basics as well. Nowise use a word that ’s been used for other apps/ accounts, always enable two- factor authentication, and incorporate security tools like VPNs. A VPN ( private virtual network) app is as important as an antivirus program because it encrypts – so protects – the device ’s network connection. This prevents hackers from wriggling the phone via poor app security. The sporty way to avoid dangerous apps is to apply some common sense and avoid taking chances. Stay up to date with underlying security practices like those mentioned above, and there should n’t be any major issues.

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