What is the programming language?

Today in this article we’ll see about the programming language and what is useful and why we use it and also about the kind of this programming language?

What is the programming language:

In simple words, we can know, it is the language with help of a software developer or software engineer creator or developer the software with conditional and logical instruction, still it is not narrow here is too broad like search engines operating system and very software also developed with programming languages.

What is the use of the programming language:

we all know and it also teaches in the lower class that computers do not understand human language or any other language whatever people use for communication with each other. the computer only understands 0 and 1 that’s how if we want to print something on the computer screen in case we would need to provide instruction of the computer device now you think if we’ll provide it all instruction of computer device in the format of the 0 and 1 so it’ll default and still you can do it so it’ll also take lots of the effort that computer scientists developed programming language those change code in computer language.

Classification of the programming language:

on the basis of the programming or coding pattern we can classify it in the two form 
  1. procedural programming language :
in this procedural programming language, all instructions create as block-level which we can also say is the functional level right but most cast may be blocked can contain many functions or function can contain other functions called a nested function. some example of procedural programming language is FORTRAN, COBOL, ALGOL, BASIC, C, and Pascal
  1. OOP (object-oriented programming language ):
keep in mind that it is not a programming language but is the pattern to writing the code or programming and those programming languages provide this pattern for programmers or developers, such type of programing language is called an object-oriented programming language  OOP advantages: 
  • . it helps of the developing instruction or code in the dry and clear format that’s mean any other developers can easily understand if they have knowledge about the software developer and makes the code easier to maintain, modify and debug
  • It is also increasing the previous code reusability 
  • it is faster and easier to execute and also a same lot of the times and efforts 
example of the OOP programming  Java, C++, C#, Python, R, PHP, Visual Basic.NET, JavaScript, Ruby, Perl, Object Pascal, Objective-C, Dart, Swift, Scala, Kotlin, Common Lisp, MATLAB, and Smalltalk.

Know Most popular programming languages in the world programming language

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